The Wop Wops Wetlands Park

75-79 Hovding Street, Norsewood
06-374 0897
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Wop Wops Wetlands Park in Lower Norsewood is a great example of natural area protection, revitalisation and education with the wetland improvements project repairing the areas around a natural spring and native riparian planting.

By cleaning up and enhancing the wetland area the habitat of native species, including the long-fin eel (tuna) whose numbers are declining, has become an improved environment.

The protected habitat is vital for tuna as they live for about 100 years in the same place, before migrating to the Pacific Ridge to breed and die.

The wetland is open for the general public where they can feed the tuna, while learning about the site’s historical significance and the value of protecting and conserving the wetlands for future generations.

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Country New Zealand
Region Manawatu-Wanganui
Distance 44 Kilometers
Address 75-79 Hovding Street, Norsewood