Emergencies, Weather & Travel Warnings

Emergency, weather & travel warnings are available from various public information & alert services.

For up to date details about weather events and travel conditions, road closures and emergencies please visit the following website directly. Call 111 in emergencies. In New Zealand, the number to call if you need the Fire servicePolice or an ambulance in an emergency is 111. You can call this number on a mobile phone even if the phone is out of credit.


Weatherwatch provides comprehensive weather information services and analysis with daily updates. To view weather warnings also visit the metservice.com website

Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management

The primary function of MCDEM is to support and enable communities to manage emergencies – see http://www.civildefence.govt.nz/

NZTA On The Move

Customisable travel information service that provides information to travellers prior to their journey, about road and driving conditions, incidents and road works taking place on New Zealand’s state highways. OnTheMove

For Everything You Need to Get Ready for Potential Disasters

This website will show you how to get ready, so you’ll get through.GET READY – GET THROUGH

NZ Police

NZ Police email alerts provide up to date information about emergencies and local events for areas of interest. Please visit the NZ Police website for more information or to subscribe to personal alerts.